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Month: April 2011

The One Who Got Away

This week I'm am was in Kansas City visiting two of our three facilities in the area. The limestone caves at Lenexa hold both temporary & permanent records of Federal agencies in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, & Nebraska including the Internal Revenue … Continue reading → …

Spies & Secret Writing

Iodite of potassium, sulphate of iron, nitrate of silver, rice starch, ferro cyanite of potassium, & even lemon juice. These are some of the ingredients necessary to reproduce the secret writing techniques described in the six documents declassified by the … Continue reading → …

Understanding Watergate

A test of a nation’s commitment to transparency & self-government comes in how it explains to succeeding generations the more difficult or controversial moments of the past. Watergate is one such moment in our nation’s history — & a topic … Continue reading → …

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